1969 Woodstock. Man walks on the Moon. First test tube fertilization of human eggs. Pele scores 1000th goal. Concorde flies. Monty Python's Flying Circus broadcast. First Sobik's Subs opens.

It all went down that year and in the still-sleepy town of Altamonte Springs, Florida. The first Sobik's Subs opens on State Road 436. Just before Disney comes to town, and Orlando explodes with growth, John and Beverley Sobik decide the area could use a good, quality sandwich shop with great-tasting subs served fast, fresh and friendly.

1972 Watergate break-in. VW Beetle becomes biggest-selling car ever. Mark Spitz wins 7 gold medals. Pocket calculator invented by Texas Instruments. Digital watches make their debut. The Godfather is release. NASA announces the Space Shuttle Program. Sobik's Subs expands.


Through the '70s, Orlando becomes the number-one tourist destination in the world, disco rules the airwaves and the Sobik's Subs concept takes off and continues to expand. Witnessing the success, customers and savvy business people inquire and the possibility of owning and operating their own Sobik's Subs restaurants. The Sobik's system is carefully developed and offered to a limited group of entrepreneurs. By the end of the '70s, Disco dies.

1981 France abolishes the guillotine. President Reagan shot. Lady Diana and Prince Charles marry. Pac-Man fever grips the nation. IBM launches first personal computer. Microsoft introduces MS-DOS. Space Shuttle takes flight. Sobik's perfects franchise system.

In the '80s, a brief foray into Betamax encourages Sobik's to continue doing what they do best. The Sobik's Subs franchise system grows to 40 units across Central Florida.

1997 Madeleine Albright becomes first female Secretary of State. Princess Diana killed in car crash. Dolly the Sheep cloned. NASA lands Pathfinder on Mars. Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule. IBM Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov. Sobik's joins the big league.

Sobik's becomes part of one of the largest QSR franchise systems in the country by joining with brands such as Gator's Dockside, Famous Uncle Al's Hot Dogs, Lil' Dino Deli and Grille, Mountain Mike's Pizza, Seawest Subs, Flamers, New York Burrito, Central Park and more.

2000 Y2K leaves world intact. Bush v. Gore. Playstation launches PS2 in Japan. First crew arrives at International Space Station. U.S. hands over control of the Panama Canal. Concorde crashes in France. Tiger Woods youngest ever to win Grand Slam in Golf. Sobik's has a vision.

Sobik's launches new venture into express territory, opening newly-designed C-Store locations branded as Sobik's Subs Express.

2008 Voters elect Barack Obama in historic election. U.S. bails out big banks and automakers as the Great Recession grips the nation. Castro steps down as President of Cuba. CERN opens Large Hadron Collider. Apple introduces the MacBook Air. Sobik's Subs serves its millionth sub.

Sobik's continues to grow, even in tough times. Express locations in convenience stores and cafes in office buildings open throughout Central Florida.

2019 Trump, Trump and more Trump. Fake News. Fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral. Brexit continues to boil in Britain. First images of a black hole.  Sobik's sets a milestone.

Sobik's Subs celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Under new ownership, the venerable brand sets course to open multiple new traditional, express and cafe locations across Florida and the Southeast.